About Us.

For over half a century since founded in 1965, Hwa Shin Bolt is at the heart of the Korean special fastener industry and has risen to be an industrial leader
during rapid economic growth in Korea. Our expertise in the special and engineered fastener sector in domestic
And global marketplaces has given us a positive reputation for quality products, delivered on time and at a competitive price.

Our customer focus is a trademark and we are widely respected in our field. Total customer satisfaction
And adding value to their products enhances our positive reputation.

Acknowledged for world class technical ability and creativity in the special and engineered fastener industry, we serve clients in 22 countries over 5 continents.
The scope of industries served is impressive and includes power plants, traditional and nuclear, shipbuilding, locomotives, construction, oil and gas, wind energy,
petro-chem and engineering companies.

The list of companies served by Hwa Shin Bolt is also impressive and includes GE Power, Hyundai, Siemens, Doosan Heavy Industries, DSME and Samsung
in the power generation and Oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas/petro-chem customers and end users include Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Total. The demands of these global clients and others operating
in many countries, has been met and exceeded by Hwa Shin Bolt, in accreditation and compliance of numerous requirements. ANSI, ASTM, ASME, PED, KS, JIS,
BS, GE, Siemens and ISO are all part of our daily lives.

Our company plays a leading role in our field by continuously investing in R&D to explore new and different materials, geometries and manufacturing processes.

We shall always be a trusted partner to our clients by providing the best quality products and meeting their complete expectations whether in product or business practices.

Furthermore, as a business enterprise, we invest in our local and national societies to provide bright and healthy living, happiness and to make our world a more beautiful place.


Critical fasteners provider, HWASHINBOLT.
Over the past half-century, Hwashinbolt, as a special fasteners manufacturer, we have been supplied critical fasteners for high temperature and high pressure without any accident. When critical fasteners is required in steam turbine, gas turbine, offshore plant, submarine business, etc, Hwashinbolt provide good solution and quality.
We will become a world leading company that can supply aviation and defense industry also.

Established 22. OCT. 1965
President Soon-Won Jung
Employee 98 person
Capital stock 675 (million won)
Total assets 27,540 (million won) (DEC. 2016 Standard)
Sales account 27,809 (million won) (DEC. 2016 Standard)
Operating profit 1,481 (million won) (DEC. 2016 Standard)
e-mail shs@hwashinbolt.co.kr
Contact Us +82-51-264-2522 / Fax No. +82-51-264-2527


New Challenge

  • 2017. 08

    KOTRA Compressor Rotor Bolt R&D project start
  • 2017.05

    Designated korean Root technology company
  • 2017.02

    Selected as an excellent partner of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction,(10 consecutive years)
  • 2016.10

    Selected as a company with excellent growth potential
  • 2016.09

    Awarded Gold Prize at National Competition for Small and Medium-sized Business Learning Organization
  • 2016.08

    Certified Innobiz Company
  • 2016.04

    Awarded the best partner company in South Korea
  • 2016.03

    Award Korean President Industrial Stone Medal
    Achieved NORSOK M-650 [Norwegian Piping]
    (Norsk Sokkels Konkurranse posisjon)
    Selected as the best partner of GS POWER
  • 2015.12

    Awarded Minister of Industry and Commerce Minister's Award for Innovation Partnership
    for SME Productivity
  • 2015.06

    High growth (gazelle type) company designation
  • 2014.09

    Awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy for the development of excellent capital goods
  • 2014.05

    Selected as an excellent company in Busan Metropolitan City
  • 2013. 07

    Achieved KEPIC-MN, SN (Korea Electric Power industry Code)
  • 2012. 09

    Trade Day, 500 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
  • 2011. 06

    Achieved OHSAS 18001:2007 certification
    (Health and Safety Management System)
    Achieved OHSAS 14001:2004 certification (Environment Management System)
  • 2010. 07

    Achieved Achilles JQS certification.(ABS)
  • 2010. 06

    Acquire P.E.D certification (Pressure Equipment Directive)

Expansion & Exploitation

  • 2009. 07

    Established R & D Center
  • 2006. 09

    Qualified as Vender of Material Manufacture
    of Bolt / Nut from GE Supply Co, GE Europe
  • 2002. 12

    9001: Transition to 2008
  • 2001.11

    Received the President's Award for Foreign Trade Promotion
  • 1996. 08

    Qualified as Vender of Material Manufacture
    of Bolt / Nut from KEPCO (Quality Class : Q)
  • 1994. 10

    Qualified as Vender of Material Manufacture
    of Bolt / Nut From Daewoo Corporation Quality Class : QCP3 (CSA Z 299.3)
  • 1993. 11

    Qualified as Vender of Material Manufacture
    of Bolt / Nut From
    Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Quality Class : Q)
  • 1991. 11

    Qualified as Vender of Material Manufacture ASME Section Bolt /Nuts from K.H.I.C

Great Distance of Inauguration

  • 1986. 07

    Selection of the hopefulness small and medium industry for K.I.M.M (Korea Institute of Machinery and Metals)
  • 1965. 10

    Established HWA SHIN BOLT IND., CO.